About Me

Me near a paddy field on countryside

I'm an average Developer on this planet who survived 12+ years in the software industry. I work for one of the leading Banks in the United Kingdom from Chennai, India. I have no experience in writing, yet I'm really not sure how I ended up creating this site.

I don't have presence in any social networking apps except LinkedIn. Though I embrace digital usage I prefer to live in reality rather than virtual. Yet I follow these guys on Youtube: Matt D'Avella and The Minimalists.

Reach out to me in email [at] this website name.

Here is how I evolved as a Developer from a humble trainee.


  • Started my career as a humble trainee trying my hands on Java, Servlets and JSPs


  • Appointed! as a developer officially who then started working with Struts and EJBs on JBoss (Yes! I'm someone from the Stone Age)


  • Became a full stack developer when I started developing UI as well using ExtJS (Not sure if anyone is using it anymore) with some Object Oriented Javascript


  • Introduced to Spring and Dependency Injection for the first time (that's too late but a pure bliss for someone from the Stone Age)


  • Became one of the early adopters of Microservice style architecure using Spring Boot and managed an application composed of around 8 microservices


  • Happened to watch some Youtube videos on ReactJS by accident on a fine day and mesmerized by the way the reusable components are built (can only be felt by someone who did it with Object Oriented Javascript once upon a time)


  • Introduced to the BPM world and started working with Camunda BPM platform


  • Predominanly developing BPM solutions using Camunda as a full stack developer on Java/Spring and ReactJS ecosystem.